The OVC’s (Office for Victims of Crime) report, had several invaluable resources embedded into it that Jeanne McVerry located and has made available for Advocates to share with their foster children.

The resources include graphic novels and picture books (by age cluster) that can serve almost like “workbooks” as our children navigate court and the system of care.  Everything is arranged in a large folder and then into subfolders depending on the age range. Some things to note:

  • The picture books and graphic novels are uploaded in multiple languages and each PDF’s title begins with the language it is in. If other languages are needed, let me know and I will upload them.
  • CASAs could print these out and do them with their children, although visually, it would work better on an IPad, but printing gives the child opportunities to explore their own questions and feelings.
  • These handouts could also be given to the children so they have a resource to remind them “who is who” on their cases.
  • The books geared toward the younger age groups do an amazing job of working through the social emotional aspects of the care system.

Activity Resources for Children