Volunteer foster care

Give them a voice

Volunteer foster care

If you are searching for volunteer foster care opportunities, consider joining Bergen County CASA. Bergen County CASA is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer foster care advocacy for foster children in Northern New Jersey.

Advocates are volunteers who work one-on-one with vulnerable children in foster care, and give these needy children a voice by advocating for their best interests.

Many volunteers become Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs), while others work behind the scenes in administrative and other support capacities. Email: info@BergenCasa.org to learn more. Click the button below to get started on becoming a CASA volunteer or to sign up for an information session.

Volunteer foster care

Volunteer Foster Care opportunities in Bergen CASA fill an important role. Our Advocates are the only people in the family court representing the foster child’s best interest.  

Additionally our Advocates become a trusted constant in our foster children’s lives at a time when everything is changing. Most children in foster care have been let down by all the adults in their lives, but foster care volunteers give them someone they learn they can rely upon. 

Our Volunteers work to bring normalcy into the lives of our foster children. We search for opportunities for the children to pursue normal childhood activities that interest them. This can be: dance, sports, summer camps, art or cooking. CASA’s look for activities that are near their appointed child’s home and then we negotiate a discount if possible. Finally we often divvy up the cost of the activity between the foster parent, the Division of Child Protection and Permanency and CASA. It is very important to make sure that any activity is accessible – that the child has transportation to and from the location.