The Bergen CASA Bulletin: 2nd Half 2022

Tommy’s story

“Tommy” was removed from his drug-addicted mother when he was found, with siblings, living in a hotel room with little food and no schooling. By the time he was 7 he had been moved to 4 different homes, was attending a behavioral school, and lost his mother to a drug overdose. All the changes and losses in his life manifested in the form of difficult behavior.

His CASA was the only constant in his life. She located Tommy’s grandmother from whom she learned of an uncle who she contacted and encouraged to come and visit his grandnephew.

Bergen CASA foster child story

With her commitment and determination, the uncle was evaluated, and then fast-tracked to take Tommy and some of his siblings in. This seemed to be just what Tommy needed as his behavior calmed down. Tommy is now back in regular school and part of a new loving family thanks to the determined investigative powers of his CASA.

We will bring a foster child’s story to you in each of our newsletters to help you understand how your support helps these children.