The Bergen CASA Bulletin: March 2023

Our CASA Kids: Teens

Unstable childhoods, more often than not, result in foster teens lacking the basic skills we take for granted. Consider these actual scenarios (names are fictional to protect our children):


When “Angie” started wearing old clothing, her advocate noticed. Angie confided in her Advocate that the washing machine in her foster home was broken. Her Advocate realized that Angi had no idea that other solutions exist! The Advocate located a local laundromat and taught Angi how to use it. 


After Sarah was moved to a new foster home, she stopped going to work. Her Advocate learned this absence was not intentional, but rather that Sarah did not know how to get to work from her new home. Early one morning, her Advocate turned up on Sarah’s doorstep and accompanied her to work on the bus, teaching her the NJ Transit system.  


Joe was often in trouble for not contacting his employer or his case worker to let them know where he was.  Once his Advocate realized this she followed up with Joe to understand that he was uncomfortable leaving voice mails. His Advocate helped him practice leaving voicemails, which he now employs regularly!