The Bergen CASA Bulletin: March 2023

Meet a CASA: Alisa Stein

Turning observation into action

Recently, Alisa Stein came to pick up gifts for her foster toddler and shared with the staff her last visit to the nursery program. Alisa was concerned, noting some “red flags”: overflowing diaper bins; bookshelves and toy shelves not bolted to the walls (a tipping hazard); and holes in the wood floor. 

Alisa Stein

Based on her observations and proactivity, we are proud to report Alisa now trains all our CASAs on how best to evaluate a nursery program. 

A speech pathologist in the NYC charter and public schools and a former attorney, Alisa Stein leverages these skill sets for her advocate work.

She works primarily with children experiencing poverty, many of which suffer from chronic homelessness and extremely strained kinship situations. Her current position, combined with her expertise as a litigator, has helped prepare Alisa for her advocate work, which she says has been “more intellectually challenging than expected.”

Starting her first case in November 2022, Alisa, is very appreciative of her supervisor Patty “who has been so supportive” and feels “Bergen CASA has been very present and welcomes feedback.” 

A mother of two teenage children Alisa pursued volunteering at CASA after moving from NYC to Bergen County thinking it would be a good way to meet like-minded people and build a community. “I didn’t want a cursory volunteer experience,” Alisa said, “it’s not always fun or easy, but it’s rewarding.”

Bergen CASA is so grateful to have Alisa!