The Advocate: 1st Quarter 2022

Kathy Krassner: Baby Whisperer

Kathy Krassner is fondly referred to by her CASA family as the “Baby Whisperer.” She is an invaluable part of the team and an incredible mentor for new advocates. Kathy was drawn to getting involved with our organization due to her love of children and a strong desire to volunteer her time to a worthwhile cause that would truly make a difference in someone’s life. Kathy is an Ohio transplant who spends her time being the “CEO of her home” and spreading the news on all things CASA.

“I have found during my experience as a CASA that there is nothing more rewarding than working a case that at first glance seems ominous, only to have it end in the happiest of ways.”

All her cases have involved working with toddlers and infants and she feels truly satisfied knowing that she has been the voice of children who are unable to speak for themselves. Kathy has been a CASA for nearly 4 years and was asked to become an Advocate Mentor shortly after the conclusion of her first case. She also participates in advocate training from time to time.

With a great amount of experience and an extensive knowledge base, Kathy’s message for new CASA’s is simple but true. She wants new advocates to know that the satisfaction of knowing all your hard work has made a difference will come and that you can ALWAYS rely on your Advocate Mentor. She also says to make friends with your Caseworker!

Kathy Kasner, Advocate, The Baby Whisperer