Donate to a foster care non profit

Your kindness today can change a foster child’s life forever

Donate to a foster care non profit

Are you interested in donating to a foster care non profit? At Bergen County CASA, donations are the lifeblood for this independent not-for-profit. Generous donations from the public support the training of new Advocates and enable us to make a difference in our foster children’s lives.

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this non-profit organization based in Northern New Jersey. We are also incredibly grateful for our donors who enable us to successfully provide Advocates for all the foster children who can have a CASA from Bergen County.

Many volunteers become a Court Appointed Special Advocate while others work behind the scenes in administrative and other support capacities. Email to learn more or click below to donate to support our non profit.

Donate to a foster care non profit like Bergen County CASA in Northern New Jersey.

When you donate to a foster care non-profit, such as Bergen CASA,  the money goes a long way and makes a big difference for our foster children. This is because we do not have high overhead. Our office space is donated by Bergen County, and we have a small staff who supervise and support the Advocates. Bergen CASA has 5 full time staff and supports 96 Advocates who assisted over 120 children in calendar year, 2022. 

A donation to Bergen CASA makes a big difference for our families.  Not only does monies raised support recruitment, screening, and training for our Advocates, it also pays for our supportive Case Supervisors who work each case in partnership with their Advocates.  Additionally, we use monies raised to pay for essential items for our foster children.  Including: swim or dance lessons, a graduation gown, dorm room essentials, driving lessons, clothing, books, laptops and even tutoring and shoes.  

Please, if you are considering donating to a foster care non-profit, know that you cannot go wrong by donating to Bergen CASA. We value your donations and put the funds to work very carefully to maximize the benefit for our foster children.