The Advocate: 1st Quarter 2022

DCF contract requirements for COVID vaccination and testing

DCF issued a Revised Notice of Standard DCF Contract Requirements form that now adds Provision H (see provision H below ). This provision references new requirements imposed on providers of services whose employees and/or volunteers enter any state agency location (including but is not limited to courthouses and CPP local offices) as per Executive Order 271 (EO 271). Upon receipt of the Revised Notice, CASA of NJ requested clarification from DCF. We have just been told that EO271 applies to CASA as our employees and/or volunteers go into CPP Local Offices and Courts. And, since DCF contracts with CASANJ (for State Funding) and the local programs are considered sub-contractors, the new requirements would be applicable to both CASA of NJ and local CASA programs. 

If the employees of a contractor or its subcontractor enter, work at, or provide services in any state agency location, then they are covered by with Executive Order No. 271 (EO 271), which was signed and went into effect on October 20, 2021.  A covered contractor must have a policy in place: (1) that requires all covered workers to provide adequate proof, in accordance with EO 271, to the covered contractor that the covered worker has been fully vaccinated; or (2) that requires that unvaccinated covered workers submit to COVID-19 screening testing at minimum one to two times weekly until such time as the covered worker is fully vaccinated; and (3) that the covered contractor has a policy for tracking COVID-19 screening test results as required by EO 271 and must report the results to local public health departments. The requirements of EO 271 apply to all covered contractors and subcontractors, at any tier, providing services, construction, demolition, remediation, removal of hazardous substances, alteration, custom fabrication, repair work, or maintenance work, or a leasehold interest in real property through which covered workers have access to State property.  EO 271 excludes financial assistance; contracts or sub-contracts whose value is less than the State bid Advertising threshold under N.J.S.A. 52:34-7; employees who perform work outside of the State of New Jersey; or contracts solely for the provision of goods


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