The Advocate: 2nd Quarter 2022

Bergen CASA celebrates our Advocates swearing-in anniversaries

We are so grateful that our Advocates often take additional cases. Because of this, our retention rates are some of the highest in New Jersey. We want to thank you and celebrate your incredible commitment and brilliant work on behalf of Bergen County’s abused and neglected children.


  • Fifteenth Anniversary:
    Chip Giamo
  • Tenth Anniversary:
    Barbara Veit
    Tom Veit
  • Third Anniversary:
    Gian Iannacone-Puig
    Elizabeth Neville
    Malika Zlatkin


  • Fourth Anniversary:
    Sharon Barth




  • Sixth:
    Nilene Evans


  • Ninth Anniversary:
    Gloria Clemente
    Rhoda Goldstein
  • Sixth Anniversary:
    Moira Boccellari
    Tom Lynaugh
  • First Anniversary:
    Sherri Brading
    Avital Maslaton
    Laurie Moses
    Elyse Myszka
    Rhonda Staranka