The Advocate: 2nd Quarter 2022

Advocate Spotlight: Jeanne McVerry

For the first 11 years of Jeanne McVerry’s life, she was in foster care. During that time CASA didn’t exist, and Jeanne didn’t have someone advocating for her interests and needs outside of what the Division could provide for her. 

“When I learned about the role of CASA, it wasn’t even a decision that needed to be made and I jumped at the opportunity to participate,” said Jeanne. “Being able to look at the whole child- their interests, needs, and goals while working as part of a team to make sure those things are addressed is incredibly gratifying”.

Jeanne wants all new CASAs to know that they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role regardless of their upbringing. She also says that the support system of mentors and supervisors provided is an incredible source of knowledge and support.

Jeanne’s passion in life is children. She is the mother of 2 teenage athletes, a 20 + year veteran educator in grades 7 through 12, and she is also a reading specialist. Let’s not forget that during one of the most difficult school years on record she was a recipient of the 2021-2022 Governor’s Educator of the Year Award.