Volunteer for a non profit in Northern NJ

We give foster children a voice

Volunteer for a non profit in Northern NJ

If you are considering joining Bergen County CASA, there are several ways to volunteer as a child advocate for our non profit organization and support our mission of foster child advocacy in Northern NJ.

At Bergen County CASA, our volunteer child Advocates are the heart and soul of our non profit organization based in Northern New Jersey.

The foster children we support come from Bergen County towns like Hackensack, Fort Lee, Garfield, Lodi, and beyond. We offer child advocate volunteer opportunities for qualified, responsible, adults.

Email info@BergenCasa.org to learn more or click the button below to get started on becoming a Child Advocate.

Volunteer for a non profit in Northern NJ like Bergen County CASA. A local 501c3 serving foster children  in need.

Bergen CASA is the only non-profit in Northern NJ that advocates for the best interest of children in foster care. Additionally, we advocate for all the Bergen County foster children who qualify for a CASA.   

Bergen CASA has very good retention rates; our Advocates remain on their appointed child’s case and then when it closes often chose to take another child or child(ren). Bergen CASA matches our Advocate’s skills to the cases we offer them. We try to maximize an Advocate’s potential success by carefully matching their skills to the needs of the child.  For example, an Advocate who has extensive experience with education is likely to be offered a case with a child that we believe will need educational advocacy. Bergen CASA has a group of experienced Advocates called Advocate Mentors (AMs).  Our AMs specialize: working with babies; cases that include medical issues; working with teens who are aging out of the system etc.  When a new Advocate is first appointed to a child, we will also appoint an AM to the same case as an additional support and guide. 

We believe that one of the best ways to volunteer for a non-profit in Northern NJ is to become an Advocate for Bergen CASA.