Orphanage volunteer near me

We advocate for foster children

Orphanage volunteer near me

If you are interested in becoming an orphanage volunteer consider joining Bergen County CASA and supporting foster children instead. Many volunteers become a Court Appointed Special Advocate while others work behind the scenes in administrative and other support capacities.

Instead of being placed in orphanages, foster children from Bergen County are homed with relatives or family friends. Bergen CASA supports this “kinship placement initiative” by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency by training volunteers to help foster children.

Bergen CASA offers volunteer opportunities for qualified, responsible, adults seeking to support children who may, in the past, have been homed in orphanages. Email: info@BergenCasa.org to learn more or click the button below to get started on becoming a CASA Child Advocate.

Orphanage volunteer near me at Bergen County CASA. We serve foster children in Northern NJ.

Thank you for your interest in Court Appointed Special Advocacy. For more information consider signing up for an information session. 

Bergen CASA is an independent 501(c) 3. Much of the work we do is possible (with all our thanks) due to donations, grant funding and the hard work of our fundraising committee and volunteers. Training and supporting our volunteers to be Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) volunteers is the most critical part of the work we do. 

Our case supervisors are 100% invested in this work.  They want to partner with their CASA volunteers to ensure that we are positively impacting our foster children. You need to be a team player to succeed as a Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA. 

In addition funds raised are used for enrichment for our children. This includes: 

  • hair appointments, 
  • art classes, 
  • summer camps, 
  • sports camps, 
  • dorm room essentials (such as bedding) 
  • birthday gifts and holiday gifts
  • educational needs such as tutoring, laptops, books and backpacks