Court appointed child advocate

CASAs advocate for children every day

Court appointed child advocate

Bergen County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy for children in the foster system.

Our foster children hail from towns throughout Bergen County including: Hackensack, Fort Lee, Garfield, Lodi, and beyond. We offer court appointed child advocate volunteer opportunities for qualified, responsible, adults.

Many volunteers become a court appointed child Advocate while others work behind the scenes in administrative and other support capacities. Email: to learn more or click the button below to get started on becoming a CASA Child Advocate.

Court appointed child advocate at Bergen County CASA. Volunteer today. Become and advocate for foster children.

Two example of what a Court Appointed Child Advocate might do are given below:  

Sally (age 10 years) was suffering with dental abscesses and a cracked front tooth for over 6 months when she first met her CASA, Mary. Mary searched high and low to find a nearby dentist who accepted Medicaid insurance. Soon thereafter, Sally was treated and smiling again. Mary was there for Sally for the next 3 years. She provided support and educational advocacy until Sally was permanently living with her loving grandma. 

Joey (age 12 years) was receiving failing grades in school and was not physically active when he first met his CASA, Mike. Mike met with Joey’s guidance counselor and teacher and uncovered the need for a Child Study Team evaluation.  Following the evaluation, the Team determined that Joey qualified for Special Education services. Joey currently receives tutoring services and supports in the classroom that are contributing to his improved grades and success. CASA Mike also uncovered Joey’s love for football and CASA contributed toward a Football Summer Camp.