African American volunteer opportunities near me

Become a CASA

African American volunteer opportunities near me

Are you looking for African American Volunteer opportunities near you? Become a CASA! Our volunteer child advocates are the heart and soul of our non profit organization based in Bergen County New Jersey.

If you are male, female, African American, or LGBTQ+ and are considering joining Bergen County CASA, there are several ways to volunteer as a child advocate for the organization and support our mission of foster child advocacy. Email to learn more or click the button below to get started on becoming a CASA Child Advocate.

African American volunteer opportunities near me at Bergen County CASA in Northern New Jersey

African American children are disproportionately represented in foster care. We value being able to appoint an Advocate to these children who they can identify with. Advocates also need to connect with these children’s families to understand the barriers or hurdles preventing them from complying with their court-ordered services. Sometimes it is small things that bar a parent from completing their drug treatment program or domestic violence training.  Bergen CASA seeks to advocate to overcome any of these hurdles so that our children can have the best chance of being reunified, (according to the plan for any child in foster care for the first year). 

While we teach cultural competence, we would prefer to be able to provide an African American child in foster care with an African American Advocate. If you are African American and looking for a volunteer opportunity near you, please consider signing up to do an information session to learn more about Bergen CASA incase this might be the right role for you. If not, we appreciate ‘ambassadors’, people who share our work with their community so that we can create awareness and spread the word about Bergen County CASA.