The Advocate: 2nd Quarter 2022

Advocate Corner Refresh

You have probably noticed already that our Advocate Corner has been enhanced and is being constantly updated with new resources and training opportunities for you to easily be able to meet your requirement to do 12 hours of ongoing training per calendar year.

You will notice when you click on the link that ‘Upcoming Events’ is the first thing you see. Following that is a list of Ongoing Events including webinars, which you can access. 

A Media Center has been added with links to topical articles, videos, and more. Please be sure to check it out. Time spent reading these articles and watching the videos counts as in-service training.  

Most importantly, if you come across something that you think would be great for the CASA family to read or watch, please send the link to

Final tip! Be sure to enter all the time you spend working toward your 12 hours into Optima.