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Become a Volunteer

There are several steps that one must go through in order to become a CASA volunteer. Get started today! By following these 4 easy steps you can join our corps of trained volunteers, working to serve the best interests of abused children, one child at a time.

Click on each step for more information:                                                                                                                     1-1-9-iamforthechildvolunteer

Step 1 - Register for an Information Session

Step 2 - Attend an Information Session

Step 3 - Application and Interview Process

Step 4 - Attend Training


Step 1 - Register for an Information Session

If you are interested in learning more about CASA for Children of Bergen County or becoming a volunteer you first must register for one of our upcoming sessions that will provide you with all of the information you need about becoming a CASA. We will be holding monthly Information Sessions on the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00am and 5:30 pm; you only have to attend one.  All sessions will be at One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensak NJ, Room to be determines. Directions can be found here. For more information or to RSVP, please contact CASA at 201-336-7520 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 


When emailing please include your full name and an alternate way to contact you - either phone number or street address. 


  CASA Information Session Form


Step 2 - Attend an Information Session

During this session you will learn specifically what our volunteers do and the commitment we ask of you.  CASA staff will introduce you to the program. You will find out more about our organization, training, the requirements needed to become a volunteer and all of your questions will be answered. After this session, if you are definitely interested in becoming a volunteer, you can sign up for an interview and start the application process. 

Upcoming Information Sessions include

  • April 13th at 10am and 5:30pm

  • April 18th at 5:30pm
  • April 19th at 10am and 5:30pm




Step 3 - Application and Interview Process

During this step each potential volunteer will need to fill out the Volunteer Application as well as provide 4 favorable references from non-family members using our Reference Questionaire.

The Volunteer Application should be completed and submitted to our office prior to the interview.  Once you have submmited your application, please call the CASA office at 201-336-7520 to schedule an interview once you have attended an information session. 


Step 4 - Attend Training

Potential CASA volunteers must attend an Information Session, be interviewed and be accepted into training.  CASA provides extensive training for our volunteers so that they are prepared to provide children with the support they desperately need. CASA volunteers undergo a thorough 36-hour training course. They learn about courtroom procedure, effective advocacy techniques for children, and specific topics ranging from child abuse to early childhood development and adolescent behavior. In addtion, trainees must attend 3 hours of court observation before being sworn-in by the presiding Family Court judge. Volunteers are required to attend 12 hours of continued training for each year of service. Our training course is offered several times a year and will prepare you for your volunteer experience. 




Summer Training: TBD


Fill out Registration Form for an Information Session





Meet Our New CASA Volunteers from our past Classes!


 Congratulations! Welcome to the CASA Family! 


w17 no judge




Pictured left to right: Lisa LaRaia, Raluca Coyle, iyi Okunlola, Debbie Scott, Jeanne O'Connor, Jennifer Pataki, Nancy Malone, Lynda Baldini, and Charles Rann



f16 out judge


Pictured left ro right: Heatherlynn Smolen, Sharon Kitchings, Joanne Feehan, Laureen Pagan, Telesha Huskey, Joan Freeburn, Maritza Rivera, and Sarah Flowers

summer 16 group



Pictured left to right: Linda McGarry, Ashlee Martellacci, Gina McGuire, Victoria Carrelle, Penny Gomes, Renee Bloom, Nilene R. Evans, Marianne Cosgrove, Sydney Anderson, Andrea Lamendola, and Monika Hendrix


 group shot without judge sp16img 2590

Tonja Feingold, Judi Herrmann, Maureen Lavin, Moira Boccellari, Robert Borell, Tom Lynaugh, Carlene Daniels, Angel Zheng, Jane Iozzia.Second photo: Jim LoPresti and Kristin McLellan




 img 8588

Lynn Chaiken, Heather Diresta, Carolyn Cornell, Lisa Meisel (in back), Debra Hirschberg, Alison Veliky, Simon Streatfeild (knealing), Phil Cabot, Rose Cabot, Wendy Bernowitz, Rich Bernowitz, Tylisha Mitchell (in back), Renne Dossick, Suzanne Amato, Pam Zeldin, Marilyn Mendez, Jane Rosenblum, Barbara Belasco


group without judge


Cathy Cardew, Kathy Reilly, Ellen Ratty, Etti Hochberg, Ashley Jironza, Natilia Oliver, Sharon Stampler, Orlanda Fonte, Melissa Petracca, Mike Costello, Linda MacNeil, Brenda Rothman, and Emily Kraus. (Pamela Delanuez not pictured)


Barry Satine, Stephanie Eby, Gayle Musnikow, & Naomi Theisz (pictured left to right).

group photo 2

Donna Lally, Barbara Weissman, Carol Brown, Vannette John, Desiree Paton, and Karen Pena (pictured left to right)


group shot close 

Chanel Dupree, Rachel Sauer, Jennifer Tsonas, Laura Slott, & Ana Chawla (pictured left to right). 


 swearing in group       

Pictured from top left: Nisha Cordero, Maggie Schneider, Nancy Weiss, Judge Bonnie Midzol, JoAnn Bartlett, and Colleen Neale. 

Seated left to right: Carole Piccirillo, Barbara Malarsky, and Gina Logan. 
(Not pictured, Sadia Phillips who was sworn in on 2/13/15).